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🗳 Hayes & election shenanigans. SA Common Knowledge - Ben Hunt and two things needed; celebrity (aka platform, in this instance Western Union) and credibility

Schumpeter &Kronos


The 1913 Kingsbury Commitment was a negotiation to study as Bell/At&t conciliated items that weren’t valuable; selling western union & offering independents access to long distance (most wouldn’t take it).

1910s ☎️ 🎞

Phone upstarts were ‘bought or buried’ whereas independents (Hollywood) defeated The Trust (NYC). 💨 winds of the real world In An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood, Neal Gabler makes this point a different way, by comparing WASP and Jewish cultural sensibilities at the time. For the former, movies “would always be novelties.” These “aging WASPs,” he writes, “were increasingly losing touch with the predominantly young, urban, ethnic audience—the audience from which the Jewish exchangemen and theatre owners had themselves recently risen.” 26


Hollywood, 1930s Mae West


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